Welcome to Cambridge Innovative School!

Cambridge Innovative School, originally known as Cambridge International School for Girls, is the flagship school of Learning Wings Education Systems. It was started in the year 2005, with a lofty dream of empowering young girls to be the leaders in all capacities and shape this world to be a better place.

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Principal's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Innovative School. Within these pages we hope to convey the spirit of our school-its warmth, purpose, thought and soul. We invite you to experience the encouraging, concerned and joyous atmosphere here.

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The Cambridge Innovative School Curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the pedagogic needs of the regions our schools are based in and connecting it to international standards. Our curriculum has been developed by carrying out ongoing small-scale research projects, pilot projects and action research.

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Ample opportunities are made available to students to engage in academic and other activities. Our goal has been to maximize the use of space in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion.

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Why Us?

We are committed towards a holistic education which aims to instil appropriate and desirable ethical values to make students productive and responsible members of society. We provide student-centered education of the highest quality in a creative and cooperative environment.
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Highlighted Stories

Youth Parliament

Presenting City's first Youth Parliament. An #initiative of today's changemakers for betterment of tomorrow, Vision to enlighten the country as leaders of tomorrow vocalise their opinions. Presenting India's future commanders in the #YouthParliament.

Where do Cambridge students go after school?

Cambridge International Schools have consistently educated hundreds of students, empowering them to evolve into individuals of substance. Be they doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, homemakers, scientists or corporate chiefs, CIS graduates are sure to make their mark.

A Usual Day At CIS…

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More about us…

Do join us in our effort to raise confident, caring young people who are creative, collaborative, and committed to their learning in this new world.

From Our Chairman

We aspire to foster and fiercely protect the bright spontaneity in each student. Students are encouraged to develop their instruments of knowledge by using all possible sources from modern technology to traditional methods and gain essential skills to be successful in whatever they choose to be.

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Work With Us

Recognized as an employer of choice, we have an outstanding, cohesive and diverse professional staff committed to continuous growth and excellence in education.

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Accepting Applications

Admission for this academic year 2024-25 is open. We are accepting the applications for all classes. For any further details you can contact us or visit our school.

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