Chairman's Message

We are living in extraordinary times. Upheavals and intentions surpass our imagination.

World is unquestionably striving towards creating equality among boys and girls in terms of intelligence, efficacy, capacity, yet, a lot is to be done by schools, society and world to understand that women exhibit and have gift of traits like delegating, collaborating, communicating and finding solutions under all conditions. If nurtured, can be the powerful mediums of world problem solutions.

Learning Wings Education Systems nurtures a dream to celebrate the difference between the boys and girls through education that creates a new world.

We aspire to foster and fiercely protect the bright spontaneity in each Girl. Girls are encouraged to develop their instruments of knowledge by using all possible sources from modern technology to traditional methods and gain essential skills to be successful in whatever they choose to be.

"Empowered Women Empower Women"

Brigade of strong teachers inspire each girl every day to nurture a dream and develop skills to be stronger, resilient, fearless and more spirited than ever before and be role models for many .

World-class facilities in sensitively designed classrooms to state-of-the-art play grounds are the extension of our ethos to provide Girls with the best in all areas of learning. Girls should feel challenged, become inquirers and help redefine the conventions and prejudices to be pioneers of causes for all aspects of life. They are to be the movement and create strong frontiers, which the world is yet to imagine.

On behalf of LWES team, I welcome you to our Girls school and assure that I and my team are committed to support our students to overcome all obstacles and be progressive and pioneering for this world to be a better place.

Warm regards
Ajay Bhatia

Mr. Ajay Bhatia
Chairman, LWES