Concern for safety is an integral and primal part of the Cambridge International Schools organization. All Cambridge International School are located in the heart of the city and care surrounded by safe residential areas-an ideal and secure setting in which children grow and blossom. Security department of Cambridge International school has full control over who accesses the campus and when.

Numbers Studio

Children need concrete experience to acquire sound Mathematical concepts. Number Studios across all Cambridge International Schools are equipped to support them to investigate and make discoveries for themselves. The facilities help students relate Mathematics with their everyday life and connect it whit their daily experience.

Health Care Centre

Health Care Centre at Cambridge International Schools has a special well equipped room with a full time nurse working to help children who may require first aid during the school hours. Nurse administers emergencies as they arise within school and makes appropriate arrangements for students who feel sick.

  • "I will forever remain grateful to this school for shaping me into the person I have become today."

    - Tanvee, Student

  • "My school made me a confident woman and responsible citizen of this nation."

    - Ikshulla, Student

  • "What a wonderful happy place! Your children and staff are so welcoming. It was a fantastic visit. Thank you!"

    - Hilary Dunphy, Ex-Professor, Newman University College; Advisor, LWES

  • "May God bless and guide the centre of learning. Astoma Sad Gamaya."

    - Shri M, Chief Patron of Learning Wings

  • "Education plays a vital role to convey knowledge and it enlightens the path of our children, which is being provided in an integrated way. CIS Jalandhar is helping to develop Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. Happiness revolves around our wards in the way of self confidence and wholeheartedness."

    - Mr. Mandeep Singh, Parent

  • "Choosing a school for my children after coming from a foreign country was not an easy task. I am glad that I came to know about Cambridge, where my children who didn't know even a single word of Hindi were taken as learners in Hindi and they got the love, attention and importance which they really needed. Cambridge believes in all round development of a child and for success in today's world the most important thing a child needs is confidence and that's what Cambridge has given my children."

    - Ms. Anma, Parent