Our Labs

Cambridge School provides a first hand experience in all practical subjects. All the labs in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques and instruments.

Biology Lab

The Biology lab is well equipped to perform experiments from class VI to XII according to the CBSE guidelines and can accommodate 30 children per batch. It has the facilities to perform high level projects. It has a unique collection of charts, models, slides and specimens to cater to the needs of the syllabus of each class.

Chemistry Lab

"Learning by doing" is the motto of teaching at Cambridge; and Science is a subject of observations, analysis and conclusions. Chemistry lab in CISFG, Jalandhar is a site for experiments and observations. It is an ultimate place; well equipped with all the chemical equipments, gas connection and water distillation plant. The chemicals used for experiments are of world class standard. It is fully air-conditioned to give students a comfortable stay at the laboratory.

Physics Lab

In the framework of teaching the natural sciences, 'lab' is a general name for activities based on observation, tests and experiments done by students. It is hard to imagine learning Physics without doing lab work. The usefulness & effectiveness of the lab has been integral in teaching Physics. Therefore, lab programs have been designed with the following fundamental goals in mind: Students learn the art of experimentation, experimental and analytical skills, conceptual learning and developing collaborative learning skills. To satisfy the above, we have a well-designed Physics lab with the necessary apparatus & equipment. We make our children believe that experimentation is the sole judge of all scientific truth.

Maths Lab

Maths is all around us. It cannot be learnt but it has to be experienced and understood. We at CISFG put our best efforts in helping students to understand the concepts with the help of equipments available in maths lab. We use concrete material so as to gain hands-on experience to develop motor skills of our students. We have different equipments which cater to the needs of students with different abilities. Geometrical concepts are taught using mathematical equipment and smart board. The purpose of the lab is to provide an atmosphere for the students to explore, observe, think logically and visualize Maths which will strengthen their mathematical skills.


Fully networked and equipped with latest computers. Modern IT applications with interactive tools support the IBM curriculum being followed in the school. The school has two fully equipped state of the art computer labs for its students. Drill and practice, individual and peer project-work, assessments are few of the practices followed here at Cambridge.

Home Science Lab

Home Science lab is well equipped with all the modern facilities. With awareness growing for health and nutrition, students spend joyful time in the home science lab experimenting with cooking, learning the skills of home decor, flower arrangement, embroidery, stitching, Tie & Dye.'

  • "I will forever remain grateful to this school for shaping me into the person I have become today."

    - Tanvee, Student

  • "My school made me a confident woman and responsible citizen of this nation."

    - Ikshulla, Student

  • "What a wonderful happy place! Your children and staff are so welcoming. It was a fantastic visit. Thank you!"

    - Hilary Dunphy, Ex-Professor, Newman University College; Advisor, LWES

  • "May God bless and guide the centre of learning. Astoma Sad Gamaya."

    - Shri M, Chief Patron of Learning Wings

  • "Education plays a vital role to convey knowledge and it enlightens the path of our children, which is being provided in an integrated way. CIS Jalandhar is helping to develop Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. Happiness revolves around our wards in the way of self confidence and wholeheartedness."

    - Mr. Mandeep Singh, Parent

  • "Choosing a school for my children after coming from a foreign country was not an easy task. I am glad that I came to know about Cambridge, where my children who didn't know even a single word of Hindi were taken as learners in Hindi and they got the love, attention and importance which they really needed. Cambridge believes in all round development of a child and for success in today's world the most important thing a child needs is confidence and that's what Cambridge has given my children."

    - Ms. Anma, Parent