On educating the heart by Kiran Juneja
February 10, 2017

Education makes a man. It is something we all strive for.Without education, a man is not a man but a wild beast.One can never bask in the resplendent rays of rapture and recognition in this macrocosm until and unless one fathoms his lessons well.

The true test of a complete, pure edification can be conducted only in the battles of life which pull a man down. And we, here at Cambridge have witnessed such paramount and persuasive methodologies which are fully utilised to whet prodigious personalities, sensible scholars, wondrous wizards and incessant scholars.

Cambridge International School, contrived under the perfect plan of Global Education Management Systems(GEMS) and Learning Wings Education Systems (LWES) is indeed a venture par excellence. The building of the school is an architectural masterpiece. Lush greenery, large playgrounds,commodious classrooms,exquisite laboratories, splendid sports rooms, un-paralleld libraries, All add to the charm of the school.The transportation facilities provided by the school are also exemplary.

Furthermore,the school has been effusing bountiful beams of enlightenment over all its students for over a decade now.The school is committed to nurturing all aspects of a child- physical, social, emotional and intellectual. A balanced education is yielded to all its students by helping them to excel in the fields of academics, sports, arts and service. Confidence to face the world without any fears illuminates the face of each and every Cambridgian.

The Cambridge team accentuates learning outside the box.mThe students are emboldened to be passionate for knowledge and genuinely revel in all of their tasks. The main aim of the school is to develop children who are future-savvy. Learning can neither start nor end with a school but it is a perennial process which commences from the cradle and terminates at grave. And the kids here at Cambridge are being carved with such miraculous traits that when they leave school, a cataclysmic change would in-dubiously be brought wherever their footsteps would lead them.Cambridge focuses on constructing a peaceful world which has no boundaries, where all are treated as equals and whose all citizens are endowed with adroit abilities and a certain savoir-faire which will become the pillars of a flourishing economy.

The cardinal blessing of this prestigious institution lies in its teachers. These perspicacious, meritorious mentors leave no stone unturned in fostering an all-round development of their children. Totally unbiased in their outlook, they plant the seeds of creativity and independent thinking in each and every child's mind. Along with the bread earning formulae, an edification of aesthetics, morality and philanthropy is also imparted.

In nutshell, the unrelenting endeavours of the Cambridge family towards generating a stream of a healthy spirit of reverence, resourcefulness, spontaneity, innovativeness, exploration and teamwork are worth an encomium. To add to its laurels, it also deserves a huge round of applause for its dedicated service to humanity by actively taking steps to form a society gleaming with love, unity and compassion.

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